The quickest and easiest method to order a repeat prescription is using online Systm One Login. Alternatively, patients re able to order repeat medication on the following link

Online Prescription Ordering

Order Medication Online Form

Repeat Prescription Collection Information

Medication RequestedMedication to collected from Pharmacy

Please note that Gardenia and Marsh Farm Practice does not accept requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone unless you are known to us as housebound or vulnerable.

We request that patients check with their nominated Pharmacy to check if the medication is ready to be collected before contacting the Practice.

Prescription Exemptions

Some patients are exemption from the NHS Prescription Fees, please find attached the link below which you may find helpful to determine if you are eligible for free prescriptions.

Should you need further support with please contact the Practice between 09.30-12.00 Monday-Friday and select Option 3.